Please DO NOT attend the venue if you have COVID-19 symptoms.



23/09/2021 We have just received full guidelines on covid passports. We are under no illusion this is going to be challenging for everyone. Covid Passports will be required for events open after midnight and events over 500 capacity. We will keep you updated on what shows will require this. This comes into effect from Friday 1st October 0500 but is not enforced till 18th October.

Read full Government Guidelines here: 

Due to Covid-19 our physical box office is currently closed. All tickets must be purchased in advance online. There will be no walk-up sales for any events

Please wear a mask on entering our venue, going to the bar, toilets and walking round the venue.

Our bar is now CARD ONLY.

As it stands, you may be required to prove a negative lateral flow test on arrival. This is to keep everyone safe. Further reminders will be issued prior to your event.

(Further Information here:

* We participate in the Test and Trace service for the NHS. Sharing contact details with the NHS, where requested, can help to identify people who may have been exposed to the virus. The collected data will only be held for 21 days and will only be used where necessary.