Live Nation presents

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Wednesday 9th November

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  • Doors 7pm |
  • £29.50 |
  • Unreserved Seating |
  • 16+

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There are few international comedians today who shoot down political correctness with such comedic pin point accuracy as Australia’s Kevin Bloody Wilson.

While todays Age Of Outrage has his contemporaries ducking for cover over anything slightly controversial, Kev crushes PC eggshells with the grace and diplomacy of a wounded buffalo.  Kev’s famous DILLIGAF* approach to PC is a breath of fresh air, direct, clever and outrageously funny. He doesnt mince words and he doesnt rely on subtlety to get his point across. In his new show FUPC, Kev tackles political correctness head on.  His BS filters and brilliant comedic mind enables him say it as he sees it in a way we wish we all could. His directness totally embodies the spirit of Australian humour.

 In recent times, Kevin Bloody Wilson has become a sought after social commentator and the media’s ‘go to guy’ for his comical, yet common sense take on political correctness. After a recent appearance on Australia’s 60 minutes programme, host Charles Wooley commented, “If political correctness was a disease, Kevin Bloody Wilson would be the cure”.

(*DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give A F+#@)


Australia – Canada – South Africa – New Zealand – England – Ireland _ Scotland – Wales –  Kevin Bloody Wilson is revered around the globe for his Outback Aussie Outlaw take on life. Hes performed everywhere throughout his career, from outback pubs and shearing sheds to the hallowed halls of the London Palladium, packing out major venues wherever he performs. An evening in the company of Kevin Bloody Wilson is must see for all of us desperately in need of some PC Pushback. Kev’s is not just a concert performance, it is a full-on event and an opportunity for all of us to tick off our bucket-list – see a national institutionin concert, done!

It’s been well documented that all of KBW’s non PC Bawdy Ballads contain an infectious singalong quality that stay with you forever. Kev’s FUPC World Tour Show includes a raft of brand new songs that are bound to have his audiences in stitches, from the opening tour title track, FUPC, to his unique take on on the worldwide #Me Too Movement in his hilarious new fan singalong, ‘DIY Me Too!’ Just like DILLIGAF, Dicktaphone, Hey Santa Clause and Living Next Door To Alan, these newly crafted songs are guaranteed to become Kev Klassics. His music has helped define our Aussie humour – Billy Connolly describes his little Aussie Mate as “The World’s funniest Australian”.


In a world almost drowning in a tsunami of Political Correctness, Kevin Bloody Wilson stands out as a beacon for PC Pushback.

Considered by Billy Connolly as‘The Worlds Funniest Australian’, Kevin Bloody Wilson is as dry and as rough as his Outback heritage.

His latest stage performance F.U.P.C. spotlights Political Correctness for what it is and how he sees it….a joke! 

Kev’s 20 Albums of self penned Bawdy Ballads have generated millions of sales and his global legion of fans have elevated KBW to Rock Star Status. 

American Audiences will revel in a knee-slapping, outrageously funny night of our Kev’s common sense take on Political Correctness.    

Social Justice Warriors, Snowflakes and PC Advocates are invited to stay home………The rest of us are gonna have a ball!